Strong Women in IT 2023

As a Strong Women you will:

have new business opportunities

grow your network worldwide

boost your digital presence and personal branding

inspire others as a role model

join a global community of women in tech

Dear Strong Woman,

Thank you for your support and commitment to building inclusivity in the IT industry. The fact that you are with us and want to give us your time proves your openness and willingness to share your experience with others. We appreciate it very much!

If you want to become a Strong Woman in IT 2023, you have to complete the questionnaire we have prepared.

It is composed of two parts:

  1. A personal questionnaire presenting your basic data, and your story. This part will be published in the report and your answers and will be signed with your name. Please make sure your answer is correct.
  2. The anonymous questionnaire will allow us to get general information and present the sociological profile of Strong Women in IT. Our research team will extract the data that will form the statistics part of the report. In this part, you can answer using sentences or single words.

Good luck!
Anita Kijanka, Ph.D. – Founder & President Strong Women in IT
Małgorzata Gryz – VP Strong Women in IT

    Personal questionnaire Attention - these answers are public

    Anonymous questionnaire Attention these responses are not public

    I Education:

    1. How do you gain knowledge about new technologies? Other: 2.What situation in your career made you learn the most? 3.Do you have someone you consider your role model?
    Who's your role models?
    4.Do you have a university degree?
    What was your major?

    II Career

    1. Do you intentionally build your personal branding?
    How much do you spend on it?
    2. On a scale of 1-5, how do you think you use your potential at work?(assuming that 1 - not at all, 5 - fully) 3. What do you currently need most to be able to develop? 4. Would you consciously choose a career path in the IT industry for the second time?

    III Free time

    1. How do you rest and relax? 2. Are you trying to achieve a work-life balance in your life?
    What do you do to maintain work-life balance?
    Why don't you take action to maintain work-life balance?
    3. What habits help you maintain work-life balance?

    IV You as a leader

    1. How does your team work? 2. If your team works remotely, do you organize regular offline team meetings? 3. How does your company care about employee integration? Other 4. Please list up to 3 most effective team management practices in your opinion 5. Do you think women support each other in their careers? 6. Have you been supported by other women in your career? 7. Do you support other women in career development?
    How do you support other women?
    8. Does your organization offer activities to support women?
    What support activities does your organization offer to support women?
    9. If you become a Strong Woman in IT, what activities will you want to participate in to promote the initiative's mission?

    V Current Market Situation

    1. What do you think are the biggest IT management challenges today? 2. What are the biggest challenges in IT you are currently facing in your company or seeing in the market?

    VI Wages

    1. Is the wage policy in your company (in your workplace) public? 2. Under the wage policy adopted in your company (at your employer), are women and men remunerated at the same level for the same work? 3. How do you assess the state of remuneration of women in IT vs. men's wages? (Describe your point of view, please)

    VII Trends

    1. What are the key trends in the IT industry in your opinion? 2. Does your company have an ESG strategy? 3. Do you notice Technology Overload (discomfort resulting from the excess of stimuli provided by new technologies)?
    What bothers you the most?
    4. What do you see as the future of work organization? 5. Is your company introducing/planning to introduce innovative forms of efficiency and working time management?
    What innovative forms of efficiency and working time management is your company introducing? Other:

    VIII Recommendations

    1. What tools do you use to better organize your work? 2. What app makes your everyday life easier? 3. Tell us about a book, podcast, or film, which you would recommend and why you would recommend it? 4. What is your favorite quote that comes to mind in the context of your career? 5. Do you use social media?
    What social media do you use (please list names)? What kind of content are you consciously looking for on social media? How many hours a week do you spend on average using social media?

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