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Shape your gender diversity & inclusion strategies, and practices.

Make your internal procedures more outcome-driven, user-friendly, and actionable.

Adjust your recruitment process to attract Women's talent.

Get a practical guide toward Employer Branding for inclusivity,

Shape your employees' inclusive mindset and standards.

Benefit from leadership & mentorship sessions to foster the creation of role models in the company.


We are a unique connective and inspirational platform. We give all connected women a chance to inspire and learn from each other and build a sustainable motion to enable women to reach high managerial and leadership positions in the IT Industry.

Initiated in 2018 as a concept, with the presence of 55 Women, Strong Women in IT became a respected brand, engaging directly with around 350 women at the C-level from the tech industry. As the IT industry movers and challengers, we create and influence the best industry standards for equality. For women’s voices to be heard. 

Our brand attracts the best Women Talent in the IT Industry by creating standards and building strong networks, giving a reason to believe and willingness to belong to the community. We also showcase the role model men leaders who demonstrate an inclusive mindset to enable talented women to grow and expand, respecting Diversity & Inclusion in the IT workspace.

 We help community members to learn from each other. Strong Women in IT enable members–recognized women to strengthen their network for inspiration, career development, and personal brand creation.

Strong Women in IT team


IT world is full of ambitious, entrepreneurial, and strong women. Our mission is to show them. We prove that true Real Models are in this industry and let them become more visible.

How we do it? Through the reliable implementation of the following stages:


IT world is full of ambitious, entrepreneurial, and strong women. Our mission is to show them. We prove that true Role Models are in this industry and let them become more visible.

How we do it? Through the reliable implementation of the following stages:

We create Role Models

Presence in media, speeches at conferences, building the image of an expert – that’s part of our work to create Role Models as „Strong Women in IT”. We know how to do it. We help women in many areas, and the promotion of their profiles, companies, and experience is one of them.

Education and develop

Knowledge and development are the pillars of success. We perfectly understand it. We are leveraging our standards and develop the best ways how to pass on more and give more benefits to others. We make podcasts, publish articles in media, and organize events with high knowledge quality.

We create cooperation environment

We build relationships because business is primarily people. In our project, we gather different industries together. We are open to every cooperation, and we enable it to others. We connect the IT world with experts from various sectors.



“Strong Women in IT” report is above all facts. We know who the women are, who create new technology world. We focus not only on typically business data – company size or revenue. We present all the way that they had to path to achieve what they have now – we show their challenges, successes, and failures.

We prove that this is not an education that most affects our career.
Download report “Strong Women in IT” and know more.

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Strong Women in IT – Global Edition

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Strong Women in IT

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Personal Branding

How many women CEO from the world of new technologies can you point out? How many names of women experts in your industry can you say? Not much, right? That problem is that we often postpone our Personal Branding. It appears as the last point on the list, just after our daily duties and tasks. Strong Personal brand attracts new customers, contracts, rises the company higher in the rankings. It leads to capital growth and enterprise development. This is precisely the effect of an effective Personal Branding.

Our long-term experience in corporate communications let us know what type of tools should be used to succeed in that matter. By cooperating with us, you will receive a dedicated accountant and a tailor-made program.

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