Code of Conduct by Strong Women in IT

Who are we?

  • We are a team whose mission of equality and inclusivity, with respect for the individual, is paramount.
  • A team that demonstrates mutual respect in our daily internal collaboration, where dialogue forms the foundation of our cooperation.

How do we operate?

  • We conduct foundation activities in a transparent and clear manner, with Board members diligently overseeing the operations and finances of Network Creations.
  • We seek legal and accounting assistance whenever substantive knowledge is essential for our functioning.
  • Key decisions are made transparently, with their foundations clear to team members, and consistent feedback in positive and challenging situations is standard practice.
  • Although the majority of our team consists of women, there is no room for excluding men within our organization, in line with our commitment to diversity and equality.
  • We avoid impulsive decisions, ensuring that choices are made with the best interests of Network Creations, our team, and the community in mind. Unconventional ideas are discussed during creative brainstorming sessions, allowing for the expression of creativity and free thinking.
  • We do not alter our strategy or target audience based on short-term market trends or one-time, hearsay ideas. Simultaneously, we remain open to external ideas and continuous feedback – incorporating them into our actions with careful consideration and respect for our principles and strategies.
  • The foundation of our development is learning from each other, drawing knowledge from our community, industry expertise (IT-Tech), expert meetings, podcasts, books, and creative sessions from within and outside. Each of us learns in their own way, willingly sharing acquired knowledge with others. As SWIT is created intergenerationally (25+, 30+, 40+, 50+), we bring aboard diverse perspectives, combining youthful freshness and creativity with maturity, extensive business experience, and life wisdom.
  • Our technological, business and legal Partners also serve as significant sources of inspiration and knowledge.

Our Partners

While maintaining our need for autonomy, we simultaneously require our Partners. They are crucial for amplifying our mission globally and supporting a shift towards equality on multiple fronts.

Who do we work with?

  • Companies and organizations for whom equality and inclusivity, as well as creating development opportunities for all genders, are integral to their DNA and organizational culture.
  • With companies and organizations that drive change in the market both locally and globally, ensuring that equal opportunities become a permanent standard.
  • Companies and organizations that serve as “role models” for others, providing knowledge and inspiration from their practices and experiences.
  • With companies and organizations where technology is an ally of development, connecting not dividing.

Our Clients

  • Companies that aspire to create a culture of equal opportunities, even if they currently lack the knowledge of how to do so.
  • Companies where the management declares readiness to work on culture and processes supporting equality and inclusivity.